Founder:  Emma Burrett / Londoner with a Big Apple shaped hole in her heart
Founder: Emma Burrett / Londoner with a Big Apple shaped hole in her heart


LIME N SODA. is a London based accessories brand fusing Manhattanite 70s glamour with contemporary cool through a core edit of bags and forever collections of charms. 
Blending metallic finishes, luxe details and a pop aesthetic, the collections aim to amp up your every day, inviting you to pop your bag with your swag. 
Irreverent pairings of colours and textures offer you original, insouciant ways to dial things down or style things up through covetable accessory ‘placement’ that her Royal New Yorkness, S-J P, would tip her shades at. 
These sartorial pick’n’mixes will carry you through from that I'm-about-to-gnaw-this-table boredroom meeting to moon dancing on the rooftop (you probably won't tonight but who’s to say if you made your target 5 times over and he bought you a new pair of heels just because it was a balmy Wednesday when actually it was Champagne Thursday, you might well do.) Believe in Disco Dust after all.





Our collection of Italian leather and neoprene bags are lovingly made by a boutique atelier headed up by Mario and his wingman Moris, aka M&M, based north of Milan, just outside of Como. Well, really outside actually; Mario had to come and look for us once. We call them once a week, rather Lizzy does (of @glizzy, translator // style bambolina). They think she should be sectioned. We think they are SuperMario and er, Luigi. They make the magic happen. Time, quality and finish. One leads to another. Just like bags do, when they're made like this. Nonna to Mamma to Me. Italians do do it better.