Lime n Soda. offers a bespoke charm design and production service either on a collaborative or commission basis. Your custom charm can be used as a luxe marketing tool or as an exclusive retail offer. 

  • design / sample / sign off
  • branded tags / custom gift boxes / bespoke charm buffers 

The possibilities are endless and we are able to advise on design, finish and size to suit your brief.

  • motifs / logos / hashtags / buzzwords / event momentos 
  • Influencers, Press, VIP clients, guest favours

LIME N SODA. X The Sandy Lane Hotel A Christmas collection of Tropical flavoured charms intended for exclusive sale at the prestigious hotel's boutique.

LIME N SODA. X SW3 Shoe Warehouse A collection of limited edition gold mirrored, royal blue and pearlescent motifs, got popped for this London / UAE luxury trainer brand. 


Mrs & Mr Bateman’ collaboration resulted in a clean and elegant laser etched charm, based on artwork by London based Illustrator Grace Wears ( intended for the press pack and to be sent with invitations to the opening launch night of their Soho townhouse takeover. A selection of 3 colourways celebrating this innovative pop-up installation’s primary hashtag #ISEEYOU to be sold as part of the official merchandise.


A press pack of pocket rocket charms commissioned by luxe jewellery brand Robinson Pelham to mark the official launch of their newly designed Rocket Earwish. A slogan bar using the company's inspiration line 'life energy colour' written in the creative director's type was used to gift VIP clients.